Coats for kids!

coats for kids

It getting close to that time of year when it gets cold. Unfortunately some can not afford a coat or jacket for their growing kids.

If you have an extra children’s coat laying around not being used, please bring it to us or the Presbyterian church in Croswell.

You’ll find labeled boxes  in the entrances to place the coats in.

Adult coats are also welcome!

No longer miss a sermon!

Pastor Don and I (Wally) have been discussing recording and placing his sermons on here for all to hear. This will hopefully start next week and it will contain (at least) the audio from his sermon. Depending on how this goes I will start adding images/videos and other media to make the sermon more than just a listening experience.

Treasure Trunk is on the move!


Treasure Trunk is loose around the area. Beware of this vicious green elephant (don’t let the pink polka-dots fool you). The only way to quell this beast is with  a rare type of lettuce that grows in your wallet and purses…be quick or you may find it prowling your yard.  😉

Many New Things

Hello everyone!

As you can see we at Jeddo UMC have gone through quite a bit in the last year and many new changes are underway. Such as our new pastor, Rev. Don Wojewski!

Please stop by one Sunday and meet him and the rest of us for prayer and worship. Or come to our monthly potlucks every first Thursday!